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One of the Largest Scotch Clubs in the Country, Now Entering our Tenth Year!

Each regular club meeting features a fun session theme, with a specially-selected lineup of bottles, and tasting notes.
You’ll also enjoy a fun multimedia presentation about the bottles and distilleries we visit.

Join Us in Our 10th Season of Exploring the World of Scotch!

Membership Includes 6 Regular Tasting Sessions!

Battle of the Ages.jpg

Prior theme rematch! We'll once again offer a lineup of three sets of bottles of similar ages, and try to guess which are more expensive, and whether the price difference is merited.

Island Hop 5 seas.jpg

Ahoy! It's time for our bi-annual visit to Scotland's whisky-making isles! Island Hop 5 will feature a lineup of tasty malts with distinctly maritime influences.


You don't need a passport for this journey. There are many interesting  malts being created these days, and at this session we'll sample a lineup of fine whiskies from around the globe.

Scotch Archeology logo.jpg

Many of our newer members haven't been exposed to some very nice bottles the club tried in years past. At this event, we'll bring back some of those classic drams from prior sessions.

Blind Scotch Tasting 2019.jpg

The return of a club favorite theme! We'll be given extensive tasting notes about our mystery bottle lineup, and see how adept we are at guessing which bottles we're tasting.

At our annual season recap, we'll bring back all the leftover scotch for a final free-for-all session, where we revisit our entire season's bottle lineups. 


Optional Bonus Sessions!

Along with the club's regular six-session lineup, there will be special optional Bonus Sessions offered throughout the year, available for those who'd like to sign up...


There's no hotter spirits category than Japanese whiskies. We'll offer a Bonus Session featuring an exclusive lineup of fine Japanese whiskey, imported directly from Japan and not sold in the United States.

Get out the top hats and tiaras for our 6th Annual Putting on the Ritz Bonus Session! This always-sold out event features a VERY expensive scotch lineup most of us would not ordinarily have the opportunity to experience.

Always a sold-out event, our 9th Annual Peatstock Bonus Session will feature a lineup of heavily-peated scotches. If you crave the rich, smoky, earthy flavor of peat in your whisky, this is an event you will not want to miss.

Throughout the course of the season, we'll touch upon some of the basics of scotch, including how to taste it, and other tidbits of information regarding its production and history. So even if you know nothing about scotch, you'll get up to speed as we go along.

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