Now one of the largest scotch clubs in the country with almost 150 members, the Single Malt Society offers a fun and informal setting, never snooty or pretentious. So whether you're a scotch veteran, or just beginning to investigate the many wonders of single malt scotch, there's a place for you in the club.
Free Parking.

Club members are provided free parking when they attend a club session. There is parking available in their self-parking facility, and limited spaces on the Cheshire lot itself.

When and Where?

The Single Malt Society meets on a roughly bi-monthly basis, six times a year. Meetings are held at the Cheshire Inn, on 6300 Clayton Road, Clayton, MO 63117. All club sessions take place on Tuesdays, beginning at 6:30 pm and ending at approximately 8:15.

Enjoy a Fun & Informative Multimedia Presentation.

You'll enjoy a breezy multimedia presentation about the evening's lineup. This might include some scotch history, how to enjoy tasting it, or information about the various distilleries we're exploring.

A Curated Scotch Lineup Selected for Each Tasting.

Regular sessions feature a specially curated lineup of six different whiskies from a variety of distilleries. Tasting notes are provided, along with note sheets where you can jot down your own thoughts and comments.

Restaurant Discounts.

The Cheshire Inn offers Society members a 10% discount on food ordered at their restaurants. Many members dine there before or after club sessions.

A Fun Theme for Every Session.

​Each session features a fun theme that ties the lineup together in some manner. Past themes include...

  • "Tour of Speyside," "Island Hop," and "Highland Fling," where we explore some of the various Scottish whisky-making regions; 

  • "Battle of the Ages," pitting scotches of similar ages against each other;

  • "Cask Finish Night," featuring whiskies that were cask-finished in some sort of exotic barrel;

  • "Drummond's Choice," featuring bottles chosen for their value or noteworthiness;

  • "Names You Never Heard Of," introducing us to less commonly-known single malt brands;

  • "Blend Blast," in which we delve into the world of finely-crafted blended scotches;

  • "Blind Tasting," in which the bottles and labels are hidden and we guess what we're tasting;

  • "World Whisky," an exploration of the many fine whisky products being created around the globe;

  • "Scotch Archaeology," bringing back classic bottles that newer members might not have yet tasted;

  • "Balvenie Bash," "Macallan Mania," and "Glenmorangie Six-Pack," in which we shine the spotlight on a single distillery.

How Much Does It Cost?

The full-season membership is just $49.50 per session, or $297 for the year, and includes all six regular season tasting sessions, conducted on a roughly every-other-month schedule.

New to Single Malt Scotch?

It is NOT necessary to be experienced in scotch to enjoy your participation in the club. New members join in every year with varying degrees of scotch expertise, and our early-season sessions are designed to help get everyone up to speed.


So don't worry if you're relatively inexperienced, or even a total newbie… you'll be able to learn along the way.