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Archaeology Meeting Choice

As we transition from Zoom virtual sessions to in-person meetings, we will offer both options. We will be renting a meeting room at our new home at the Marriott St. Louis West which has a capacity of 80 attendees.

We currently have 104 members, so only the first 80 members who request an in-person session can be accommodated. The remaining members will only have the option of picking up their sample kits and attending via a Zoom meeting on another date.

This might not be a problem, as our recent survey regarding in-person meetings revealed that approximately 80% of our roster indicated a preference to resume in-person sessions. But it is possible that some might find themselves having to attend via Zoom despite their willingness to attend in person.

This is not ideal, obviously, but as we gradually sort out the Covid situation and work our way back toward conducting two in-person sessions (and none virtual), there might be some occasional hiccups.

We want to be fair 

Please indicate your attendance choice for our next session, Scotch Archaeology, to be conducted in June:

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