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Safely submit your fees here, and join in on the fun! You'll enjoy interesting scotch tastings, entertaining multimedia presentations, and the camaraderie of fellow whisky enthusiasts.

Upon checkout, your transaction will be completed via the club's PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal card to submit your fees; you can enter any credit card you like.

2024 Season Membership

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Join St. Louis' premier scotch club, and connect with others who share your passion for this legendary spirit.

A membership in the Single Malt Society is your ticket to exploring the exciting world of scotch whisky. You'll sample a variety of interesting malts, learn about the history, science and lore of scotch via entertaining multimedia presentations, and make new friends amongst a great group of like-minded scotch enthusiasts.

A club membership includes five whisky tastings, conducted on a roughly every-other-month schedule, giving members something to look forward to throughout the year. And don't worry if you're inexperienced in scotch...we have new members join every year, and everyone is quickly brought up to speed.

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