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Embark on a journey of extraordinary flavors and memorable friendships.

Learn about scotch with expertly-led curated tastings, in a community of fellow enthusiasts.

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The Single Malt Society is your ticket to discovering the fascinating world of scotch whisky. Here's what you'll experience with your club membership…

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Admission to All 2024 Season Tasting Events

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Exclusively-Curated Bottle Lineups

Educational & Fun Presentations

Many Bottles Sourced from Out-of-Town and Overseas

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Socializing with Fellow Scotch Enthusiasts 

 Why join the Single Malt Society? 


Enjoy a Calendar of Fun Events to Attend Throughout the Year!

The regular season membership includes five events, conducted on a roughly every-other-month schedule. Each session features a fun theme, with an informative and entertaining presentation about the bottles we sample and the distilleries that created them.

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Sample Carefully-Curated Lineups of Interesting and Sought-After Whisky!

Sessions feature a specially-selected lineup of 6 whiskies procured locally, out-of-state, and even overseas; often times our bottles are not available in Missouri. Tasting notes are provided, along with note sheets to jot down your own comments.


Join Our Community of Fellow Whisky Aficionados and Make New Friends!

Club Membership connects you with a vibrant community of fellow whisky enthusiasts. It's an opportunity to build meaningful connections with others who appreciate whisky, as you deepen your knowledge of this ever-fascinating, age-old spirit.

Don't Know Much About Scotch? No Worries!

It is NOT necessary to be experienced in scotch to enjoy your participation in the club. New members join in every year with varying degrees of scotch expertise, and our early-season sessions are designed to help get everyone up to speed.


So don't worry if you're relatively inexperienced, or even a total newbie… you'll be able to easily learn along the way.

 Gift a Single Malt Society Membership 

A Single Malt Society membership is the perfect present for any scotch lover. Whether it's a special occasion — or just because — our memberships offer a year-round adventure in the world of whisky.

 What People Are Saying... 

"One of the best decisions I made was to join the Single Malt Society. I've learned about the art and science of scotch, but my favorite part is the great new friendships I've made with others that share (an understatement!) my interest in single malts."

Mont L

“Five years ago, I received a gift membership in the Single Malt Society. The Society has given me a great education about scotch, but the reason I come back year after year are the great new friendships I've made enjoying a dram of scotch, making it a truly exceptional gift."

Gene S

"When I first discovered the Single Malt Society, I thought it sounded perfect...amateurs learning about and tasting scotch together. Now, after being in the club for several years, I look forward to the friendship and camaraderie as much as the whisky."

Scott C

“Several years ago, I identified a knowledge gap I wanted to fill...I was literally a scotch virgin. Flash forward a few years: after sampling about 36 scotches per year, with a fun presentation for each one, I can safely say I am a pro! Come for the whisky, stay for the fun."

Paul M

"When I first joined the Single Malt Society, all I knew about scotch was that I really liked drinking it. I've now learned about almost every facet of scotch whisky and its history, but much more importantly the club is a great way to spend time with friends."

Brett F

“The Single Malt Society is the best scotch club in the country!  Joining the club is a great way to expand your knowledge of scotch whisky and its interesting history, develop your appreciation, and meet like-minded whisky aficionados."

Logan M

“I originally joined the club to learn about scotch in an unpretentious environment. The club has not only wildly surpassed my initial hopes, but I have also gained a group of friends I would never have otherwise met...and I married one of them!"

Katie C

“'Whisky' derives from the Gaelic words for 'the water of life.' The Single Malt Society is the most "life" enriching club I've ever joined. Not just for the many interesting bottles uncorked, but for the spirit and camaraderie from like-minded individuals."

Kyle C


Ready for a whisky adventure like no other?

Join Drummond MacDougall's Single Malt Society and embark on an extraordinary journey through the world of single malt scotch whisky.
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