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SCOTCH 101 IS THE PERFECT INTRODUCTION single malt scotch. Whether you're a corporate or private group, Scotch 101 can come to your site, where you'll enjoy a fine sampling of scotch whiskies, along with a fun and informative multimedia presentation.

"I recommend this to anyone. It is a fun social atmosphere to try multiple brands of scotch at a reasonable price. Sign up even if you don't know if you like scotch. You might be surprised."  

                        ~Jeff B

"Great class—the instructor was knowledgeable and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of scotch provided. Very happy with the experience." 

                      ~Kate R

"Kirk did a great job of initiating the class into the world of scotch. I learned quite a bit and enjoyed the presentation and scotch. If anyone has any interest at all in drinking scotch, take this class!"   ~Jason E.

"This was exactly what my wife and I were looking for. Especially diving deeper into scotch regions and having a better understanding of its history."                             ~Luciano R

"Kirk nailed it. Amazing presentation, great scotch. His passion and knowledge made me excited to learn more. I've been drinking scotch for years and feel empowered by this class." 

      ~Jemal S.

"This was a great class. I felt the class was appropriate for new and veteran scotch drinkers. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun night."

                      ~Claire C.

"I didn't know how much I didn't know about scotch. Kirk is an awesome teacher—the class was enjoyable and entertaining. I learned so much, I can't help telling everyone all about it. I'm feeling much more sophisticated already."                             ~Lori D.

After attending I feel I could confidently order a scotch at most restaurants and not feel like an idiot. The presentation was perfect— interesting, and educational. I would definitely recommend this to anyone."  ~Jessica E.

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